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Attracting New Patients to Your Dental Practice

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*NOTE* Please download the attached PDF file for the full-color version of Linda's eSSENTIALs July 2013 edition. In the file you will also find a link to subscribe or you may visit Linda's website:

The Price is Right has made this phrase famous. Check out this YouTube of a most impressive Come On Down:
You won't be able to pick up new patients to bring them to your office. The challenge I hear most about is new patient flow. Here are some activities to consider:
Health fairs - Investigate local health fairs at area malls or conference centers, health conferences sponsored by community hospitals or medical organizations. Contact chiropractic or holistic medical centers, eye doctors, and other professionals that you might join in to sponsor an event. Set up a table or area to provide these things:
• A free oral cancer screening
• Free consultation
• Toothbrush trade in
• Pre-school examinations
• Infant oral health exams
• Free whitening with new patient exam
Custom Athletic Mouthguards-Prepare a short talk and demo on the use of custom mouth guards for protection during sports (reference the ADA for articles and information) for organizations such as sports leagues, PTA, health clubs, YMCA or church youth groups.
Talk to MOMS- Prepare a short talk on children's oral health for groups such as home school organizations, LaLeche League, pre-natal classes, pre-schools parent night or churches. The ADA or the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry are good sources for PowerPoint presentations or brochures. Discuss the need for early Infant Oral Health exams.
Be Seasonal- Communities always have special events where you and your team can be supporters or participants. Especially promote Children's Dental health month in February. Spring activities, summer marathons, parades or charitable events such as seasonal walk-a-thon's or 5K's. Late summer, consider church fall festivals or carnivals in your area. Fall and winter would include Christmas and craft shows.
Check with Patients- Review the companies that your patient work for. Contact the Human Resource Department and offer a brown bag Lunch & Learn to give a short talk on any adult dental subject. Or, ask if you can have a table during Open Enrollment.
Go TO Seniors- Prepare a NON-technical Senior Dental Care talk. Find local ambulatory adult centers and offer to give a short talk on "Senior Dental Care." Prepare a PowerPoint program of about 20 slides that is non-graphic. Take pictures of seniors enjoying corn on the cob, laughing and smiling, walking or cycling together. Introduce the implant replacement for loose dentures. Discuss denture care and the need for an annual Oral Cancer Screening. Give away denture brushes, toothbrushes in "Goody Sacks" with your logo and telephone number.
Get out in the 'hood- Create a simple basket with your toothbrushes, floss cards, pens, magnets, brochure, "Care to Share" card and some "penny" candy (sugarless of course). Put a colorful bow on the basket. Take them to the following:
Hospital Volunteers, Insurance Agencies, Craft/Ceramic/Knitting Shop, Fire Stations, Libraries, Florists, Banks, Book Stores, Auto Repair/Tire Shops, Ambulatory Senior Centers, Health Clubs , Real Estate Agents, Farm Bureau, Nail Salons, Dry Cleaners, Other health care providers in the area, Day Spas, Churches with child or senior day care, Small businesses in your area, Travel agents, Businesses of people you know, Pharmacies, Builders/Contractors
Here are some great resources for your giveaways:
• Mugs, Refrigerator Magnets, pens and other giveaways with your logo: 4imprint | 877.446.7746 |
• Really good customized lip balm:
• Teeth Whitening for FREE program and promotional materials:
• Travel Toothbrushes with your name and phone number: PHB |800.553.1440; Oral B | 800.446.7252; Disposable toothbrushes: 800.776.3948
• Floss Cards personalized:
• TOOTHCASES™ Zip pouches with a place for a magnet or business card to fill and give away: Patterson Dental. Patterson has some that are pre-stuffed to make it easy.
The best marketing is local, visible and ongoing. No one effort is magic. It takes a great experience when the patient comes in along with persistent efforts to get your name out there so that new patients will Come On Down.

Linda Drevenstedt
Drevenstedt Consulting LLC
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Linda Drevenstedt
Drevenstedt Consulting LLC
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