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Dear Members,

ARDS Dental Implants ( Israel ) were launched into the Indian Market at the AOI ( Academy of Oral Implantology ) International Conference at New Delhi from 23rd to 25th Sept. 2011.
These Implants have been introduced into India by DENTAL IMPLANTS INDIA ( DII ).
The Implant System consists of 3 different Implant Designs all of which can be placed using the same Surgical Kit. The Implants are CE & FDA Approved and come with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY.
For Information and details about the Implant Designs you can go to the ARDS Website : and see case reports, Surgical Videos.

SMART IMPLANT - The SMART Implant is a result of years of extensive research and clinical trials by the Company. It's a Patented design by ARDS Dental Implants ( Israel ) with a patented Drilling Protocol using guided Trephines.

The SMART design is a dual thread design with very aggressive cutting threads present in the apical region of the Implants to compress the soft medullary bone, while the threads in the Cortical area are shallow and do not compress the cortical bone and prevent crestal bone loss.
The unique guided drilling protocol minimises bone removal by 40% while giving amazing primary stability

All Implants come packaged with a sterile guide pin which is introduced into the pilot osteotomy, following which all further osteotomy is carried out with Hollow Trephines guided into the osteotomy by the Guide Pin. All trephines remove only 5.5 mm of bone irrespective of the length of the Implant. This drilling protocol requires 40% less bone removal when compared with other Implants of same diameter & length
Infact when most people talk about augmentations , there comes an Implant System which is based on the philosophy of minimising bone removal.

The advantages of The SMART IMPLANT Design & Drilling protocol are :

1) Minimum Bone removal ( 40% less)

2) Maximum Primary Stability ( infact it has to be experienced to be believed ) that ensures that it is possible to achieve primary stability without exerting compression of cortical bone.

3) Unique thread design ensures Immediate Implantation in almost all cases including Immediate Molar Implantations.

4) The Design of the Implant gives 15% more surface area compared to other Implants of similar diameter & length, thus increasing the BIC ( Bone to Implant contact).

5) As the Implant is inserted into the osteotomy the highly aggressive threads cut deep into the soft spongiosal bone and collect the bone between the threads. The Osteocompression of Spongiosal bone improves the quality of bone surrounding the Implant thread thus ensuring successful osseointegration.
The drilling protocol of removing only the cortical bone eliminates any compression of the crestal margins and prevents crestal bone loss common with other Implant designs.

6) The use of guide pins with trephines ensures great accuracy and control of the drilling process even in knife edge ridges.

7) The trephines cut only at the leading edge and not from sides. This minimises any heat generation. All trephines are Internal Irrigation Trephines and the guide pin is hollow to ensure the complete circulation of cold saline to the base of the osteotomy.

8) The use of guide pin minimises errors in Implant positioning, you can take an Xray after guide pin insertion, change the direction of your osteotomy.

In an era where you see Similar looking or clone "new" Implants being launched almost every 15 days
it's a refreshing change to see an Implant System based on a strong scientific foundation being introduced after extensive research, offering benefits to Clinicians and Patients alike.

The SMART IMPLANT Cost is Rs. 4000/- ( Implant + Straight Abutment).
Angulated Abutment would cost you only Rs. 500/- extra. If you go for Bulk Purchases you can get 20% abutments as Angulated Abutments. The system offers a complete prosthetic solution including the TMA ( SMART OD SYSTEM) Abutments which can be used for ALL ON 4/ ALL ON 6 cases.

The SMART 3.0 - is an external hex 3.0mm Implant indicated for use in narrow ridges especially in Mandibular Incisors. All SMART 3.0 Implants come packaged with a sterile Gingiva Former ( Healing cap) and a sterile Guide Pin.
Implant Cost is Rs. 4250/- for Implant + Straight Abutment.

We also have the conventional Designs which most of you would be familiar with.

PREMIUM IMPLANT - The premium Implant is a parallel walled implant with slight tapering at it's apex with shallow threads . It does not produce any compression of the bone during insertion and is a great Implant for use in D-1, D-2 bone types
Implant Cost is Rs. 3500/- for Implant + Straight Abutment.

CLASSIC IMPLANT - The Classic Implant is a conical Implant with an aggressive thread design. Gives excellent Primary Stability and condenses bone during insertion. Excellent for use in soft D-3, D- 4 bone types.
Implant Cost is Rs. 3500/- for Implant + Straight Abutment.
All ARDS Implants are internal hex with a common prosthetic platform to minimise prosthetic inventory costs and have inbuilt platform switching for healthier peri implant soft tissues.
For Further Information and details about the Implant Designs you can go to the ARDS Website : and see case reports, Surgical Videos.

We are conducting Implant Courses beginning from Mid October 2011.

The 4 Module course is designed to train participants in all aspects of Basic Implantology with emphasis on practical training ( including Hands on Training - Treatment Planning, Drilling & Implant Placement on dummy mandibles, suturing techniques, Handling of prosthetic components, Impression taking , prosthesis designs, cementation of restorations).
There will be LIVE SURGICAL DEMONSTRATIONS on patients at all stages of Implant Treatment, Impression techniques and restoration delivery.

The Cost of Our 4 Module Implant Course is Rs. 65000/- .

All participants will be given 1 ARDS Basic Implant Kit( Kit with all drills) + 03 ARDS Implants + 03 Implant Abutments as a part of the course fee content.
We encourage participants to bring their own patients (in Modules 3 & 4) and they can place Implants under the supervision of our Mentors.

We also have a One Day Basic Implant Course for Busy practitoners and Consists of LIVE SURGICAL DEMONSTRATION with Hands On.
The Course Fee is Rs. 37500/-
All participants will be given 1 ARDS Basic Implant Kit( Kit with all drills) + 02 ARDS Implants + 02 Implant Abutments as a part of the course fee content.

The ARDS System is a great system for beginner's as well as experienced Implantologists as it is very simple yet versatile to offer all possible prosthetic solutions to Implantologists ranging from Single Crowns to Complex Rehabilitations Like ALL ON 4/ALL ON 6.

You can email me for details and discussions.

With Warm Regards,

Dr. Pramod Sharma MDS
Dental Implants India Pvt Ltd.

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