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Dear Advertisers,

Reach out to the best dental surgeons by placing advertisements on the site.

Advertising on is an effective way to reach out to the best dental surgeons. The site never sleeps and it attracts hits from all over the globe.

Here are the answers to a few common FAQ's

In which format the advertisements have to be taken ?
The advertisements can be taken in .jpeg, .gif or in Flash.

  • What are the other methods of advertising on the site?
    1. Advertisers can place their ads in our email newsletter
    2. Advertisers can place their ads in messages which have been subscribed by our users.
    3. Featured articles , webinars & videos regarding advertisers products can be hosted on the site.
    4. We can create dedicated forums and pages for  companies and their products.

  • How to track the response of your ad ?

    You can easily track the response of your ad by installing Google analytics on your site. At any point of time you can know the number of guests and users online on the home page in the statistics box. If you wish to receive the statistics of those visiting the site pls send an email to . We will send you a weekly report.

  • Where will the ad link to?

     As would be obvious the ad will link to the website of the advertiser.   

    What the modes of payment ?

    We can accept cheques from parties from both India and abroad. Cheques must be favouring DENTISTRY TODAY.


    Please contact Dr. Veerendra Darakh on for tariff of advertisements.

Forums: Dental companies can promote their products, events, webinars etc on the forums. The forums are absolutely free for everybody. 

Simple tips for dental companies get a better response to their posts.

1.Upload your avatar photo.
2.Share your posts on social networking sites though our sharebar.
3.Present clinical cases done with your products.
4.Upload images of seminars conducted by you previously.
5.Paste your contact details in your signature. Your signature is reflected in all your posts.
6.Do not make repetitive posts.
7. Post discount coupons for our viewers. You can edit and delete the discount coupons according to your business needs.

And all of the above is absolutely free. 

 For any further information kindly contact.
Dr.Veerendra Darakh
M-1,Meenakshi Ground Floor,
Vijay Nagar, Behind Drug Corner,
Opp.Vincent Palloti Church,
Marol-Maroshi Road, Andheri (East),
Mumbai - 400 059.