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7 million in UK unlikely to brush teeth

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A survey by Atomik Research on behalf of the British Dental Society has found that almost 7 million people in the U.K. are unlikely to brush their teeth.
The February 2013 study, which had a sample size of 2,044, also found that 21% of respondents were likely to forget flossing and 25% forget to cover their mouth when coughing or wash their hands after going to the bathroom.
The findings have been revealed by the British Dental Health Foundation as part of its National Smile Month campaign. The results of the survey also found that attitudes toward oral hygiene haven't improved in the last two years. In 2011, more than a quarter of the population (28%) admitted to not brushing their teeth even once in 24 hours and about 15% said they did not clean their teeth for more than two days.
National Smile Month takes place from May 20 to June 20 and is being supported by a host of supporters, including Johnson & Johnson, Oral-B, Wrigley, Philips, Lloyds Pharmacy, and Invisalign.

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