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1st Orthodontics Webinars Congress

22-29 JUNE 2013


Main Topic: ” What do I have to adapt my thinking  to plan a treatment using self ligating braquetes? ”

Each webinars develop this topic for one hour and 30 minutes to attendant’s questions.

After event many mini conferences with 15min about various themes.

Language. Many webinars will be in English, if not, you can see after event whit subtitles.

Benefits to enroll in the  1st Orthodontics Webinars Congress:

  • You will have access to all live webinar.
  • Even after the event, for a period of 12 months through our Virtual Campus.
  • In addition to the video and mini conferences all posters presented at the event.
  • We will have a Wiki that promote interactivity between participants, deepening the most important issues.
  • We will provide a forum for the exchange of experiences.
  • During Odontolunes sessions will open a space for comments about the event.

Really a great way to upgrade to high quality information.

For info and registration click the following link


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